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    ERS’s foundational belief is to provide and build strong client relationships and savings through knowledge and service.

    What does this mean?  Our unique approach has helped most of our clients obtain refunds from audits originally billed as assessments.   ERS typically recovers five to forty percent of your self-reported use tax based on unclaimed exemptions, processing errors and special opportunities.  Add to that prospective savings from the opportunities we identify and our clients feel strategically more efficient and secure in their tax decision-making process.

    Sales and use tax decisions are transactional in nature and the compliance burden becomes voluminous very quickly.  ERS assists companies to optimize strategic compliance position to help make better tax decisions.  Complete compliance is nearly impossible and comes with a significant cost.  Our expertise helps companies to balance their compliance costs/benefits.

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    Filing a class action claim and receiving a refund, is a client’s legal right. However, the claims process is a complex, time consuming, document intensive project, which if done improperly, raises a myriad of issues, and ultimately results in a reduced refund or outright claim rejection. ERS’s experienced staff analyzes the Court’s plan of allocation to determine all filing requirements and required documentation, and ensures that clients’ claims are filed accurately and promptly with all required evidence. We manage all aspects of claim recovery throughout the administration process until recovery is fully paid; while requiring the utilization of minimal client resources.