Equity Recovery Solutions

Formula for Success

Equity Recovery Solutions’ “Formula for Success” lies in our technological expertise. This competitive advantage sets us apart from companies providing similar services. Our professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience using technology, software, and sophisticated testing methodologies to identify recovery opportunities, maximize refunds, and focus on areas with the highest probabilities of opportunities and require the least amount of client resources.

ERS utilizes

ERS utilizes ACL software and proprietary database technologies for data interrogation and analysis, which prove invaluable in the analysis and identification process – even in those situations where statistical sampling is not used to quantify overpayments. Our approach allows us to identify trends, volumes, and other characteristics, so that we may concentrate our efforts on transactions with the greatest benefit to our clients.
Our technological approach allows us to find a balance between looking at both large transactions and large volumes of smaller transactions that in aggregate can provide significant refund opportunities. We do not reach only for the “low-hanging fruit” because that will not maximize our client’s recovery and at ERS our spotlight always remains on meeting our clients’ needs and optimizing their bottom line.
ERS uses business rules developed from our years of recovery audit to generate transactions that represent potential overpayments or errors. This enables ERS to conduct a comprehensive review of all transactions. These preliminary procedures, conducted at our offices, help create a smooth and efficient audit process and minimize intrusion and distraction to client personnel.
Benefit of technology

An additional benefit of technology, from an item master maintenance standpoint, comes from our process of comparing codes to the ERS Code Tables that have been built from previous reviews.