Equity Recovery Solutions


Equity Recovery Solutions (ERS) offers a comprehensive range of recovery consulting services designed to help our clients maximize their financial recovery, optimize performance, and reduce overall costs. With our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our services include:
Our experience shows that where audit exposure exists, so do refund recoveries. Clients face constrained resources, conservative guidelines
In 2015, the State of California amended regulations related to nontaxable uses of diesel fuel and use fuel, as well as, exemptions for the use of fuel in vehicles.
Filing a class action claim and receiving a refund is a client’s legal right. However, the claims process is a complex, time-consuming, document-intensive project.

Manufacturing & R&D Exemptions

It is time to take advantage of a new sales tax exemption for purchases and leases of manufacturing and research and development equipment. Pursuant to 2014 sales tax legislation

Audit Representation

Audits are costly in many ways; dollars paid for erroneous assessments, huge interest and penalties, time and resources allocated to the audit process and increased stress and wear on your staff.

Tax Compliance & Documentation

Audit assessments frequently result from unsupported credits, exemptions, and deductions. ERS services assist clients with preparing supporting schedules & documentation

Tax Planning

Transactional planning can be a key to reducing your overall tax burden. Often, Clients may overlook accepted tax strategies that could produce significant tax savings