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I have been audited, am currently in an audit or have been contacted for an audit. What can you do?
Find a firm that provides tax audit representation services to have them review the findings. Sales tax auditors are generally paid to assess tax rather than give refunds, make sure you protect your rights and interest. First, they will minimize the assessment by focusing on the auditor’s scheduled items. Next, they should examine areas not tested by the auditor to identify credits or overpayments which can offset an audit assessment or support a claim for refund. ERS provides services ranging from turnkey audit representation to a limited review of findings, let us come in and prove we will be your trusted advisor. If you are in an audit or are starting one soon, have an expert come in to help manage the process.
Not sure if you have under or overpaid sales and use tax?
If you are not going through an audit but have doubts about your sales tax compliance, ERS can perform an audit review, independent of an audit, and file claims for refund in any state. We also provide thorough documentation that is only filed upon your approval, to give you the extra sense of comfort. Opportunities exist in all industries that pay significant sales or use tax. Because we perform these studies on a “percentage of recovery” performance basis, you have zero risk, if we do not create savings. We don’t earn a dollar of fees until and unless we get you cash refunds.
Am I collecting tax right in my state and other states where I do business?
With hundreds of sets of rules and thousands of regulations across the US, the clients need to accurately determine what products and services are taxable in each state. ERS can provide customized taxability studies that will determine which of the products and services you sell are taxable in any state. We prepare an easy-to-use sales tax matrix supported by research tailored to your specific products. The matrix will be supported by written opinions from states where taxability is uncertain. Our research will also minimize disputes with customers regarding sales tax billing and we include follow-up support at no additional cost.
Am I required to register in a state?
Not reporting in a state increases the amount of time the state can go back into the past to collect unpaid taxes. The filing requirement (nexus) for sales and use taxes is much different than for income taxes. There are many activities that will not cause nexus for income taxes but will cause nexus for sales tax purposes. ERS will examine your activities on a multi-state basis, determine your sales tax exposure, and give you the tools necessary to determine whether it makes sense to register and file sales tax returns. If you decide to go contact states to disclose previous sales, PLEASE use a consulting firm to perform anonymous negotiations with a state to minimize the tax due, penalties, and the audit period. If you don’t contact them anonymously, they could go after you and seek the maximum dollars, penalties and interest before the agreement is final.
Can I plan a transaction to minimize tax?
Sales tax avoidance and sales tax minimization is a taxpayer’s Constitutional right! ERS has implemented strategies to minimize sales and use tax on a wide variety of transactions, from software purchases to boats and airplanes, to sales of entire businesses. The key to these strategies is proper planning and documentation before the date of the transaction.
How compliant are we?
The sales tax reporting function is often delegated to lower-level positions in many companies. High turnover and low levels of training can often create inconsistency in the sales and use tax reporting functions. ERS will examine your reporting process and recommend solutions to correct problems and minimize sales tax exposure. Typical recommendations include in-house training, documenting reporting processes in a sales tax manual, or automating the sales tax compliance function.



How Does ERS Assist Its Clients In The Claims Recovery Process?
ERS manages all aspects of claim recovery throughout the filing and administration processes until the final recovery is paid. ERS provides complete claims management recovery services, including notifying eligible clients of a settlement; analyzing the court’s plan of allocation and the settlement agreement; determining all filing deadlines and required supporting documentation; preparing, assembling, and submitting claim packages; interacting with the claims administrator and resolving any and all issues and concerns; performing all necessary follow-up with the claims administrator and providing clients with timely updates; and auditing final recovery payment to identify and resolve underpayments.
How Can ERS Maximize The Recovery Its Clients Receive?
ERS possesses over 20 years of experience in managing and processing recovery claims and recovering our clients’ hard-earned assets. Partners and management work directly on each project and oversee all aspects of identifying and processing settlement recovery. Additionally, ERS has developed proprietary software that allows us to analyze and research large amounts of data efficiently to ensure the maximum amount of recovery and to also identify cost-reduction opportunities. Our automated recovery reporting and tracking system allows ERS to recover more of your settlement dollars. We provide client-specific reports and communications and track all recovery to ensure greater results and improved recovery processing time.
Is It Necessary To Hire ERS To Get My Recovery In A Class Action Settlement?
No, you are entitled to file your own claim to recover in a class action settlement. You do not need to hire ERS or any other class action claim management company. ERS is not your attorney, is not class counsel, and is not the claims administrator. We do not practice law, and do not provide you with any legal representation.
What Is ERS Paid?
One major difference between ERS and other third-party claim-filing firms is how we are paid. Unlike other firms, ERS charges only 25% of the total amount recovered on your behalf, and not 33% like other companies. Moreover, when you hire ERS, the claims administrator pays you directly, and you always maintain complete control over your hard-earned assets; other third-party claim filing firms require that the claims administrator pays them the refund, and then they pay you – you only get paid when they get paid! With ERS, it is the opposite. With us, you always come first. We do not get paid until you get paid!
Why ERS?
Filing a class action claim can be a complicated and time-consuming process, and any error can reduce the amount you recover or even result in your claim being rejected. ERS is committed to maximizing your recovery, while at the same time, minimizing the amount of resources you must devote to the project. We can do this because we are a boutique asset recovery consulting firm that specializes in identifying and processing settlement recovery opportunities. We possess in-depth and detailed knowledge of class action settlement recovery issues and obtain recovery through expertise, knowledge, and service. At ERS we are driven to provide you with personal, interactive, and dedicated service. For us, meeting our clients’ needs always comes first and we strive to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.
What Makes ERS Different From Other Class Action Claims Management Companies?

Simply put, it is our database’s proprietary software and our professionals’ extensive knowledge and experience in using technology, software, and sophisticated testing methodologies. It is what we call our Formula For Success.