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By identifying refunds and savings, cost reduction opportunities, unclaimed exemptions, and reducing audit assessments.

ERS Model

ERS’s model centers on maximizing client recoveries by providing timely feedback and analysis, managing reports with comprehensive details.

Formula for Success

Equity Recovery Solutions’ “Formula for Success” lies in our technological expertise. This competitive advantage sets us apart from companies providing similar services.

About us


Equity Recovery Solutions provides leadership in recovery consulting services specializing in recovering clients’ overpayments and cost reductions in areas such as sales and use taxes, fuel and excise taxes, class-action claims management, and telecommunications. As our name suggests, we strive to EQUALIZE the playing field between our clients and government auditors/agencies seeking to identify additional taxes owed and entities engaged in business practices that result in higher costs. Our mission is simple: maximize your recovery, optimize your performance, and reduce your overall costs by identifying refunds and savings, cost reduction opportunities, unclaimed exemptions, and reducing audit assessments.
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Our experience shows that where audit exposure exists, so do refund recoveries. Clients face constrained resources, conservative guidelines
In 2015, the State of California amended regulations related to nontaxable uses of diesel fuel and use fuel, as well as, exemptions for the use of fuel in vehicles.
Filing a class action claim and receiving a refund is a client’s legal right. However, the claims process is a complex, time-consuming, document-intensive project.

Manufacturing & R&D Exemptions

It is time to take advantage of a new sales tax exemption for purchases and leases of manufacturing and research and development equipment. Pursuant to 2014 sales tax legislation

Audit Representation

Audits are costly in many ways; dollars paid for erroneous assessments, huge interest and penalties, time and resources allocated to the audit process and increased stress and wear on your staff.

Tax Compliance & Documentation

Audit assessments frequently result from unsupported credits, exemptions, and deductions. ERS services assist clients with preparing supporting schedules & documentation

Tax Planning

Transactional planning can be a key to reducing your overall tax burden. Often, Clients may overlook accepted tax strategies that could produce significant tax savings

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Industries We Serve

ERS serves clients across various industries, recognizing that overpayments and cost reduction opportunities can arise in any business sector. We have experience working with clients in the following industries:
Jacob Bholat, who leads our Healthcare Practice, has a unique and extensive history serving the healthcare industry.

Government Entities

ERS professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from serving a wide variety of different government entities.


ERS provides a comprehensive review of vendor payments for clients in the insurance industry.


The California Court of Appeals found in favor of Aerospace. (Aerospace Corp v. CA BOE).


Common Questions & Answers

I have been audited, am currently in an audit or have been contacted for an audit. What can you do?
Find a firm that provides tax audit representation services to have them review the findings. Sales tax auditors are generally paid to assess tax rather than give refunds, make sure you protect your rights and interest. First, they will minimize the assessment by focusing on the auditor’s scheduled items. Next, they should examine areas not tested by the auditor to identify credits or overpayments which can offset an audit assessment or support a claim for refund. ERS provides services ranging from turnkey audit representation to a limited review of findings, let us come in and prove we will be your trusted advisor. If you are in an audit or are starting one soon, have an expert come in to help manage the process.
Not sure if you have under or overpaid sales and use tax?
If you are not going through an audit but have doubts about your sales tax compliance, ERS can perform an audit review, independent of an audit, and file claims for refund in any state. We also provide thorough documentation that is only filed upon your approval, to give you the extra sense of comfort. Opportunities exist in all industries that pay significant sales or use tax. Because we perform these studies on a “percentage of recovery” performance basis, you have zero risk, if we do not create savings. We don’t earn a dollar of fees until and unless we get you cash refunds.
Am I collecting tax right in my state and other states where I do business?
With hundreds of sets of rules and thousands of regulations across the US, the clients need to accurately determine what products and services are taxable in each state. ERS can provide customized taxability studies that will determine which of the products and services you sell are taxable in any state. We prepare an easy-to-use sales tax matrix supported by research tailored to your specific products. The matrix will be supported by written opinions from states where taxability is uncertain. Our research will also minimize disputes with customers regarding sales tax billing and we include follow-up support at no additional cost.
Am I required to register in a state?
Not reporting in a state increases the amount of time the state can go back into the past to collect unpaid taxes. The filing requirement (nexus) for sales and use taxes is much different than for income taxes. There are many activities that will not cause nexus for income taxes but will cause nexus for sales tax purposes. ERS will examine your activities on a multi-state basis, determine your sales tax exposure, and give you the tools necessary to determine whether it makes sense to register and file sales tax returns. If you decide to go contact states to disclose previous sales, PLEASE use a consulting firm to perform anonymous negotiations with a state to minimize the tax due, penalties, and the audit period. If you don’t contact them anonymously, they could go after you and seek the maximum dollars, penalties and interest before the agreement is final.