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Filing a class action claim and receiving a refund, is a client’s legal right. However, the claims process is a complex, time consuming, document intensive project, which if done improperly, raises a myriad of issues, and ultimately results in a reduced refund or outright claim rejection. ERS’s experienced staff analyzes the Court’s plan of allocation to determine all filing requirements and required documentation, and ensures that clients’ claims are filed accurately and promptly with all required evidence. We manage all aspects of claim recovery throughout the administration process until recovery is fully paid; while requiring the utilization of minimal client resources.

1 Visa, MasterCard Fee Fixing Class Action
2 Lithium Ion Battery Products (Indirect)
3 Optical Disk Drive (Indirect)
4 Automotive Parts (Indirect)
5 Flexible Polyurethane Foam (Indirect)
6 Blood Reagent
7 Cathode Ray Tube (Indirect)
8 Cathode Ray Tube (Direct)
9 Flexible Polyurethane Foam (Direct)