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Blood Reagent

If your company directly purchased “traditional blood reagents” from Immucor, Inc. and/or Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. (“Ortho”), between January 1, 2000 and February 23, 2012, you may be entitled to a significant settlement from a class action lawsuit.

Class Action Case: In re: Blood Reagents Antitrust Litigation

Court Approved Website:  www.immucorsettlement.com

Current Settlement Amount: $22 million

Claim Submission Deadline: To Be Determined

Case Summary:Defendants allegedly conspired to overcharge for traditional blood reagents, and as a consequence, the prices paid to the Defendant traditional blood reagents manufacturers were higher than they otherwise would have been. Immucor has entered into a settlement of $22 million, but Ortho has not yet settled the case, and litigation continues.  If Ortho settles, additional future settlement may become available. No money will be distributed to any Settlement Class Member yet. The lawyers will pursue the lawsuit against Ortho to see if any future settlements or judgments can be obtained in the case and then be distributed together, to reduce expenses.

Settlement Class Members: All persons or entities who, from January 1, 2000 to February 23, 2012, purchased traditional blood reagents directly from Defendants.

Blood Reagents:  “Blood Reagents” are immunohematology products designed and manufactured to test, match, detect, screen, diagnose and/or otherwise identify certain properties of the cell and serum components of human blood. Traditional blood reagents, as used herein, are blood reagents that are primarily used to test blood manually in test tubes.

Direct Purchaser: A direct purchaser is a company that purchased and made payment directly to the Defendants and not to a broker or distributor.

Defendants: Immucor, Inc. and Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.

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