About ERS/ History

Equity Recovery Solutions provides leadership in recovery consulting services specializing in recovering clients’ overpayments and cost reductions in areas such as of sales and use taxes, fuel and excise taxes, class-action claims management, and telecommunications.  As our name suggests, we strive to EQUALIZE the playing field between our clients and government auditors/agencies seeking to identify additional taxes owed and entities engaged in business practices that result in higher costs.  Our mission is simple: maximize your recovery, optimize your performance, and reduce your overall costs by identifying refunds and savings, cost reduction opportunities, unclaimed exemptions, and reducing audit assessments.

The professionals at ERS have a rich history of representing companies of all sizes and industries – ranging from government agencies, middle market companies, hospitals, insurance companies to Fortune 1000 corporations. We have become an industry leader in our areas of business, and have assisted our clients to recover over a hundred million dollars of their hard earned assets.

ERS’s “Formula for Success” is two-fold.  ERS has developed proprietary software that allows it to efficiently and effectively mine, sort, and analyze large amounts of data to determine overpayments, maximize recovery opportunities and identify cost-saving strategies. Our professionals receive extensive technological training and utilize sophisticated and proven methodologies.  Just as important, as our technological expertise, is our commitment to building personal, long-term relationships with our clients by providing the highest level of service and a dedicated commitment to serving our clients’ needs first. In essence, we fulfill our objectives through expertise, knowledge and devoted service.

We earn our fees when we successfully recover your assets, and receive a percentage of your refund. Therefore, you can rest assure that our services will not cost anything until actual recovery is completed.

We recognize that you have limited resources available to support such complex, special projects despite recognizing their immense value. Hence, we manage all aspects of the project and require minimal client involvement.

Equity Recovery Solutions strives to be your primary trusted advisor with respect to asset recovery, local and state tax compliance, and audit management.